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The Wedding Sand Ceremony


Every youth has s desire to meet the loving person whom they will share the warmth of their heart with. As soon as these two souls meet, they plan to marry each other and establish a family. Since this is a great decision and transition to family life as couples, they want to be the best it can be. The wedding days serves as the union day and a time to celebrate the love. People do all the best to make sure that the wedding day is both fantastic and successful.   It is one of the events on which people are ready to spend for themselves. even the family will do it can to support this great day. To be precise, people avoid minimalism to their best. They want to spend and celebrate the day. Perhaps, there are things that are done to remind them of the day and the decision even in the future. The wedding rings take the first priority for any wedding. still, there are some other products that are used for the day to keep reminding the couple of the decision they made and the event in the coming years. The wedding sand is the other products that people can have. 


This kind of Unity Sand is available in the wedding supplies shops. The wedding sand comes in a variety of beautiful colors. it is important to ensure that you have two types of color for the wedding sand if you choose to have it for the day. Each one of you will have sand placed in a veil. This would show that each of you had distinct and individual lives. Each veil should have a different color of sand. A third veil ought to be present during the wedding day.


After the minister conducts the ceremony and time for pouring sands comes, the minister would lead you in saying some words concerning the sand. The saying should reflect on the wedding event, promises and commitments that you make to each other.  Each one you should now hold his/her veil while the third veil should be held by the minister. Simultaneously and steadily pour the commitment of the two veils to third veil. It is a symbol that you now bring two souls together to form one family. you can choose to have some sand remain in each veil to show that each person will have the right to personal identity and expression.  For more facts and info regarding Wedding Sand ceremonies, Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding.


Prior to the day, have the names of two of you printed on the third veil. The third veil should now be sealed to signify the strong bond that you have made as one family. Keep the bottle in a place that you can always see in your home. It will be a memory source. Know more here!